Tips to Follow when Creating Bizarre Slit Scan Video with the use of After Effects

Create Bizarre Slit Scan Video with the use of After Effects

If you want to know and learn the best ways to create the digital slit-scan video using Adobe After Effects, these tips are perfect for you.

  • A footage doing very slow walk and the twist was recorded at sixty frames per second. The sluggishness of this shift has been speeding up with the use of After Effects remapping tool. The main goal is to offer you many frames that you can work with since once you begin applying the slit-scan effect, you will need temporal resolution in order to acquire a smooth result.
  • The effect you will utilize to make the slit-scan is located under Effects Menu. If you open your effects window, you will see property options. The first option is the layer you want to utilize for Time Displacement Map.
  • Make sure you are working with 16-bit color, though you can abscond it with 8 bit for the speed while you are working. Then, turn it to 16 for your final render. Drop your displacement map under the original video and turn off its visibility. Select this layer which you just added as the Time Displacement Layer in your Time Displacement effect.
  • The next 2 settings are the highest amount of the time displacement and Time Resolution. The utmost time dislodgment is how distant you want your pixels to be shifted. On the other hand, the resolution contains different frames per second that you desire to use. This is where having a lot of frames work with will help if you shot 24p, you will get lots of branding.

Follow the tips that are mentioned above and rest assured that you can easily create the bizarre slit-scan video without encountering any hassle, downtime, and stress.

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