Introduction for Foley and Sound Effects for Film

Introduction for Foley and Sound Effects for Film

Introduction to Foley and Sound Effects for Film

Foley is the sound effects which are added to a film during the post-production. In the first glance, it might be odd to add back to the soundtrack those sounds that the sound recordist attempted to exclude. On the other hand, the key word here is “control”. Through excluding such sounds while filming and then adding them in the post, there will be a complete control on the quality, timing, and the relative volume of the needed sound effects.
For instance, a preliminary shot of the biker who wears a leather jacket may be improved when we can hear the jacket creak while he is entering the shot, but will you ever want to hear that sound in each time he is moving? Through adding this Foley sound fx on the post, it is very easy to control the intensity of it and make it fading when the dialogue starts. Even something that is simple as the boots on the gravel and sand interfere with dialogue’s comprehension when this kind of sound is recorded so loudly.

How Can It Be Done?

Foley is normally carried out by the Foley artists. The artists will be able to clearly see the screen that shows the footage in which they are about to add sound effects. .
Interestingly, many of the simple Foley sound effects are made even without the help of Foley artists. The sound effects are saved electronically and will be performed by a post-production sound engineer on the keyboard whilst he watches the visual. If it is done properly, this form of “Foley” sounds repetitive and bland and it’s nowhere near as adaptable as the real one, yet it is more affordable compared when you rent a Foley stage and pay the artists for creating quality Foley sound effects.


The Importance of Foley Sound Effects

With no Foley, a film will sound hollow and empty and the actors will appear like they are talking inside the vacuum.

Mr. Foley – Shortcut By D.A.D.D.Y.