Important Factors To Consider When Selecting The Perfect Music For Your Film

You are almost through with one of your films and the only thing preventing it from being a masterpiece is the right music. Some projects like an advertisement may only need a 30-second guitar or piano piece but a film may need two hours of theme music or background music. Here, you will learn and know some helpful tips on how to select the perfect music for your film.

  • Consider the Tone

Whether you are shooting a wedding video, commercial or a film, there will be a tonal and emotional energy that you will want to match your music. If the setting of your film is ominous and dark, a piano or a cello piece played in a minor key is the best thing to try. If your wedding video is jaunty and light, a celebratory sound like an acoustic guitar would work best.

  • Determine how slow or fast the pacing of every shot

It is true that emotion is a big factor that you should consider when choosing the perfect music for your film however, it is important to determine how slow or fast the pacing of every shot. If your piece may not have a discernable pace, it is ok but if it does, it is highly recommended to find a music that matches it. You will see this during action sequences and you can witness that the editing is fierce and fast.

  • Have a Unique Rhythm to Action

A love scene, fight scene, dancing, marching – all these actions commonly have a specific rhythm to them. The perfect music for your film must progressively get wilder as the song picks up and become extra dynamic.

  • Consider the Silence

There are times that people forget that not having an audio can be an option but it is considered as the perfect choice. Music must add something special to the setting, therefore if the scene has everything it requires, a score or song might make moments feel bloated.

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