How to Shoot a Film ALONE!


How to Shoot a Film ALONE!

We love this guy so we prepare a resume of his amazing tips to do a film alone!

Some individuals may not agree with the possibility of filming alone but the truth is, this is doable and
highly possible nowadays. Even if you do not have any crew or you do not have actors, you can literally
film yourself. There may be several good reasons why you wanted to film alone such as you might be
living in an area that is not much like a film community or your friends are not reliable and the list of
reasons goes on. Filming alone might really be challenging but it is possible.
Ways to Shoot a Film Alone the Easy Way

 Manage your Expectations
You cannot really manage to create a Hollywood blockbuster film but you can make an
awesome short film. This thing is possible. When it comes to filming, you need to understand
that there are really things that you can do and things that you can’t. You are free to embrace
your limitations and you also have the freedom to work completely alone.
 Learn Ways of Filming Alone Without a Crew
What does it really feels like to film without a crew? Well this one is undeniably challenging you
will need a camera with articulating LCD screen most preferably the one that flips out and you
can see yourself in front of the screen. You can also download applications that can help you
manage and monitor everything alone with ease. This makes it a lot easier to film alone.
However, there are more other essential tips that you need to keep in mind when you started
filming alone to ensure successful results. These are:
* Focusing on story
* Making it simple
* Giving it a beginning and a middle and start with the resources that you have and then
write you film based on these resources
*Look for concepts that are relatable and funny and think of things that only needs one
person and build a story around these

 Work with Strong Will
When filming, there are times that you will realize that there is something missing and you have
done it all wrong and without you knowing that the answers to your problems are just in front
of your face the whole time but failed to figure it out. But you don’t have to give up at this point;
you need to discover things on your own if you wanted to create the best episodes. There are
instances that you will take and then take and review the footage. This can be tiring but end up
all fun and gratifying if you have handled things well enough.

Therefore, no crew means no problem. It’s smarter to be the camera man, the director and so on. These
are actually just few of the many film-making tips on how to film or create a movie alone. This is a
helpful and beneficial guide to both experienced film makers and beginners. Keep these things in mind
so that you will find it ultimately easy and convenient to shoot a film alone.

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