First 12 Things a Filmmaker Should Buy!

This article talks about the first 12 essential tools that every filmmaker should buy. Some people put there want to jump into filmmaking but just don’t know the things to buy. Well, here goes a list of the things that could help enlighten you. Of course, this list is not complete and not every tool for filmmaking can be covered here, but just the most important.

12 Must-Have Filmmaking things you should buy:

  • Camera – In terms of camera, you don’t really need the most expensive one. The most important thing you just need to consider is a camera with manual functions and at least a full HD. If your camera has these features, then it can shoot movies.
  • ComputerMost people already have computers so they don’t belong in the list. But remember, in filmmaking, you need a computer with lots of storage spaces, at least 16GB of RAM and a decent video graphic card.
  • MemoryWhen it comes to memory, the thing you need to remember is to buy two or three more of them, in any type of memory card you use for your camera. If you have long shoots, you are going to need memory and having a couple of extras is great.
  • ND FilterShooting outside in broad daylight, it is super bright. In order to get shallow depth of field in this setting, you will need ND filters. Variable ND filter is a great choice, as it is more convenient and it offers a number of light reduction levels in just a single filter.
  • Sound Recorder and HeadphonesSound recorder and a good pair of headphones are important to ensure your film has professional quality audio. Good thing is, you can already get a decent sound recorder for $200 and this will immensely improve your audio.
  • TripodFor stabilized shots, you’re going to need a tripod. In shopping for the tripod, a fluid head tripod is a great choice for smoother tilting and panning. If you are just starting, a cheap tripod will do.
  • Mic StandA mic stand is useful when doing interviews or shooting without crews.
  • External MicrophoneTo a great quality of audio, you also need the external microphone. External microphones are especially useful in picking up sounds from a distance.
  • External Hard DriveIf you are shooting 4K, you need a lot of storage space. This makes it a good idea to get an external hard drive to have your work secured in a backup.
  • LightingLighting is one of the vital aspects of filmmaking. It can make a huge difference but it can also be expensive. On that note, you can start using cheap work lights for now.
  • Disc ReflectorsYou can get Disk Reflectors at a very affordable price. You should get them to bounce light as well as fill in shadows.
  • Editing SoftwareFor taking care of your film’s final look, you’ll need editing software. One of the best editing software you can use is the Premiere Pro or you can also use a free alternative just like HitFilm Express.


You should get these first 12 things if you want to dabble in filmmaking. With this equipment, you can already develop a pretty decent movie in HD quality that you can brag to your friends or maybe even enter in a film contest.