Effective Tips on How to Write a Good Script

Tips of writing a good script

It is true that story is the most vital part of any screenplay. It doesn’t matter if your screenplay is in the perfect format and completely error-free if the story is total garbage. An excellent screenplay in its most basic form is about someone doing something they really don’t want to do, but if they don’t do it something really bad will happen. Whether you’re writing a script for television, stage or movies, there are important things that can enhance your writing.

How to Write a Good Script for a Movie?

Have you ever watched a movie that had a great director and popular actors, but the entire movie was not good? Many people completely believe that the magic of an excellent movie relies on the script. If the characters are not well-developed or if the story doesn’t keep or lags your interest, million dollar actors can’t make it work. Here, you will learn and know the vital points to consider when writing a good script.

  • The first thing that you should do is to watch classic movies. The main reason why they are called classic is that they are created to inspire and thrill.
  • It is highly recommended to keep your main plot very simple. If there is too much going on in your script, the viewers won’t easily get it.
  • Create a powerful start in order to capture and at the same time hold the attention of your audiences.
  • The structure is commonly the beginning, middle and the end, however, it doesn’t mean that they have to be revealed in that certain order. Flash forwards and flashbacks can greatly help to keep your audiences more engaged.
  • Be sure to have your overall point or goal in writing the story. You have to have your own reason for writing the story.
  • A movie must last for about 90 minutes.
  • You must have the main character and a protagonist. It can be a place, thing or 1 or more people.
  • A workable precise is very important. Even though your entire idea is unbelievable, there are certain parts of your movie that will be believable and logical.
  • Always remember to be true to yourself and don’t just mimic others.

How to Write a Good Script for a Play?

Most of the premises of writing a movie also exist in writing a play. Here are the 3 big differences:

  • A play is all about desire and you will sometimes see the characters fail and succeed.
  • The story of a play has to be auditory and visual.
  • The relationships between characters are important to attain the success of a play. There are no special effects and car chases so the people are what it is all about.

How to Write a Good Script for Television?

  • Watch different television shows especially the award-winning TV shows.
  • Once you completely decide what type of show you want to write, the next thing to do is to research it. If you desire to write shows about policemen, you must study police procedures.
  • Outline your plot and then outline your story. After that, write the basic action.
  • Develop your characters. You will need your lead characters and supporting characters.
  • Write on a schedule.

Most of the time, you need to revise. This is the ultimate key in order to improve your TV show. Revise, rewrite and proofread to make sure that every word counts.