Different Types of Lighting

Different Types of Lighting for Various Location Shoots

Different Types of Lighting for Various Location Shoots Perfect for Documentary Narratives

As far as lighting used for documentary narratives and other shootings is concerned, there are lots of choices to choose from. These lightings have their specific benefits to offer and flaws that you need to consider.

To give you an idea of all these lightings, here are some of the best lighting fixtures to consider:

1. LED

These are the most famous lights you really have to consider. These may somehow be a bit expensive but people choose this one due because they could work through the use of these lights. They are also deemed to be energy-efficient and cool for you to touch. They also come in tungsten or daylight balance.

2. Light Panels Micro Pro

This is a camera light that goes onboard your camera. This is perfect for events, live events, videography, and documentaries. This is a very short lighting throw that can give light at exactly about five to seven feet maximum. But, if you want to emphasize the things you want to shoot, then you could just place the light on the stand.

3. Hot Lights

Actually, these are considered as tungsten balanced lights. These are among the most traditional lights that can still give you the best lighting experience. This is also especially for any shoot you want to have and that is perfect for indoor shoots.

These are only some of the best lights that you need to consider when it comes to various shoot locations. There are still a lot more of these lightings you must pay attention to. But, of course, it will still depend on what particular shoot you will make use of this lighting. All you have to do is to choose the best one to meet your needs.