Camera Lenses and Their Properties

Camera Lenses and Their Properties

Camera Lenses and Their Properties

For most camera enthusiasts out there, it is essential understanding the camera lenses and their properties. Now, with photographic lenses that are a series of various elements, the focal length is actually a bit more complicated to understand.

In regard to talking lenses, the concentration is actually more on the distance between the imaging plane and the optical center point. This is when the lens is focused with collimated light. This is even more focused at infinity.

The number one property of camera lenses is the focal length that determines your field of view. With a longer focal length, it only means to say you have a narrower field of view and a more zoomed in. In simplified animation, you could already and visually understand the relationship between the focal length and the field of view.

The modern lens is also another important feature that functions just exactly the same as the iris. The aperture, on the other hand, restricts the angle of light that travels through the system- a smaller aperture reduces the light rays to those that are closer to being collimated. This is made to be more parallel that results in a deeply focused and sharper image.

In connection with choosing a lens, deciding between prime lenses and zoom lenses is a must. The latter is capable of a range of focal lengths while the prime lenses are composed of feature and specialty lenses.

The Optical image stabilization is also a feature of DSLR camera lenses. This was first introduced in Nikon camera lenses and mostly all camera enthusiasts may have an idea about it. As per the tilt-shift lenses, these actually move the glass off the optical center. These further tilt the focal plan that allows for such a selective focus and miniature look.

There is also the so-called split diopter that is very much common in the history of filmmaking. This is just like the bifocal lens that a lot of people are very familiar with.

Now, you already have understood more of how lenses work. Just take the lenses out and give them a try!