5 Things you need as a Filmmaker

5 Things you need as a Professional Filmmaker

As a filmmaker, you need to have a complete understanding of the ways to get inside a specific film. You must also learn the best ways to break it down. You need to specifically understand the things that you need to invest in. There are excellent things that you need to invest in that include stabilizers, lenses, microphones, ND filters. Also, you must remember that cameras tend to depreciate in their value fast.  But, it’s good news that lenses are also guaranteed to last a lifetime. That’s why you must learn how to invest properly and wisely.

Below are the 5 things that are worth investing that you need as a filmmaker:

Camera Support and Stabilizers―

A monopod or a tripod is needed. This way, your footage will never be shaky. You may utilize a Glidecam and a monopod as the latter has only one leg. The good thing about it is that it enables you to do fast and smooth movements. This is a lot better for wedding filming. Apart from it, you must invest in a Steadicam. The balancing is also super quick and easy. This does not also break easily.


There’s no need to settle for a bad sound. You must, therefore, need to have a good audio. Buy a shotgun mic that goes on top of your camera. This helps in production quality than just recording straight on your camera. There are also lav mics at these present days. They are perfectly good and they are helpful in many situations.


The fast lenses are also other essential things that you must consider. These are lenses that could really go on a small number of aperture. You could get more light in the camera because of lenses. They also hold their value. That’s why you must invest in lenses, such as the Sigma 18-35 1.8. These are even considered as the fastest lenses ever and these just exactly look so nice. Zoom lenses are even more versatile. You could also get a lot of shots that just leave you even more impressed.


Filters are usually needed as a filmmaker. That is also because of the fact that you would want to double the shutter speed in any frame rate. And there are times that it is just so bright outside and all you wanted is to capture the shallow depth of the field. Now, you need to use an ND filter and just double whatever your frame rate is.


There’s also a need to invest in lights. LED lights are just even more popular for their quality. Aputure Light Storm Lights which are really handy and powerful. You could just dial them in as you look at the camera. They could also be used in any photo shoots and they could be controlled by a remote.


Now, you have learned more about the five things that you need as a filmmaker. These are simply valuable to use, especially if you are a beginner!